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Hello again

Updating from my older posts i wanted to inform people that the diet has really worked for me. Gone are the severe abdominal pains, the cold like symptoms and fatigue and yes gone is the asthma-like symptoms. Heartburn and some bloating is still there on occasion usually when i dont stick to either my fp gram limits or i eat something that throws it way off the scale. Mashed steamed vegetables and meat have become my best friends in addition to yogurt and cream with strawberries hehe. On the down side I’ve found the diet quite difficult to stick to. Organic dark chocolate, Banana’s and tahini, roasted sweet potatoes, and porridge with dried fruit are a few of the foods ive found hard to give up. Also combining to many low fp foods in one hit is a common theme which i pay for. You really must commit and i find im hungry a lot of the time. Things i used to eat to fill me up are mostly high fp grams and ive lost quite a bit of weight. I just wanted to ask anyone out there if this is an indefinite way of eating or will life return to normal? i really would like to eat some of the muesli i just bought my daughter 🙂