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Norm Robillard
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Wow, I am enjoying the discussion and very interested in this topic. With your help, I am sure we will soon see more low FP treats. I continue to look into Tapioca and also have questions regarding boiled tapioca vs it’s use in baking. Baking temperatures can create more resistant starch, but at least you are starting with flour from a lower FP plant. I would recommend a small dose of caution, but from my own use of tapioca for deep frying, it seems very GI friendly on my own gut.

ps: Some extra info on Tapioca:
Cassava flour is mostly carbs with 70 percent amylopectin and 20 percent amylose. Cooked cassava starch has a digestibility of over 75 percent. Source:
Per the Tapioca Flour package (Ener-G), there are 42 grams of total (and net) carbs and no fiber per 50 g serving. This is consistent with the Fast Tract Digestion FP table value of 25 grams carbs per 30 grams flour. You can find the mfg. nutritional facts here:
Note: The nutritional facts are incorrect on the site.
Making Tapioca and other info: