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Thank you for clarifying that! That’s the formula I was using in my calculations but I just wanted to confirm because in one of the part, net carbs was alluded to being the same as glycemic load.

I live in Canada, and so far I’ve been seeing sugar alcohols being written on the label (I can’t speak for ALL products, though…).

Hopefully, more weight loss is not in the cards for me (at 5’9 and 95 pounds, i don’t even think there’s anymore weight I could possibly lose, lol).
I’m on my third day of following the protocol and words cannot possibly describe the joy I’m feeling right now! I was able to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks yesterday and I haven’t been able to do that in months! For comparison, only 2 weeks ago I spent my day curled up in the fetal-position on the couch not being able to literally (and I don’t say this as an exaggeration) eat or drink anything for days because of debilitating pain, bloating, and various other extremely unpleasant symptoms. I spent the entire first year of my marriage not being able to function properly.
It feels great to feel like an actual person again!