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thank you for your reply 🙂
I wasn’t sure how the FP value would be affected during the heating process; does the same occur for other ingredients (nuts, chocolate, etc)?
I read in his book that FP decreases with baking/cooking, which is where some of my confusion comes from: my FP value is lower using the raw value as opposed to the boiled one. Also, I looked online to see the processing of cassava into starch flour, and there was no mention of boiling it or any other heat-applying process before it’s converted into starch. On the other hand, raw cassava is poisonous (it contains toxic levels of cyanide), and while several sources via Google state that the cyanide is removed from tapioca starch, there’s no mention of how that’s done.

So far, I’ve been using the higher total FP value in my daily calculations just to be on the safe side and my brownies are 5.04 FP per brownie.
I’m currently developing a recipe for brownies that would bring the value down to 3.6 but my first test was not super successful.
I’ll happily share the recipe when I think it’s worth sharing, lol.
And baking is SUPER important to me!
I’m only on my third day of the diet and although I feel better than I have in months, since my SIBO is quite severe I imagine I’ll be following a strict protocol for a while… which means I’ll have to come up with some sort of bread/wrap recipe eventually. If there’s interest in baking while on the FTD protocol, i’ll happily share my recipes 🙂