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Andrea, it does sound like you’re on the right track. I’m sure the rice milk would be quite low in resistant starch due to the water. As for the flour, I would recommend ‘Sweet Rice Flour’ instead. It is made using Glutinous rice (sticky rice). Because flour is dry, resistant starch would be an issue. Jasmine rice contains approx. 15% amylose starch whereas Sticky Rice contains less than 1% amylose starch. It’s the amylose starch that’s the culprit in forming resistant starch.
“The amylose content of starches is the major cause of resistant starch formation.”
(this is an interesting read!)

Another tidbit from this article:
“amylomaizes contain over 50% amylose whereas ‘waxy’ maize has almost none (~3%)”
I bought some waxy maize (you’ll find it at bodybuilding places or health food stores) but haven’t used it yet (still too busy with renos!!). It will replace cornstarch and potato starch in recipes.