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Dr. Robillard,

First, thanks for writing this book. I have LPR, and my specialist told me that surgery was the only option. He seemed to chuckle (like I was an idiot) when I mentioned this diet/book. After reading the book, I have found relief and do not see any need for surgery. I have a few questions:
1. The book mentions that the sugar alcohol erythritol is not a problem, as it may only ferment at 10%. However, the book also mentions that Stevia mixed with sugar alcohols is bad. I found a soft drink that uses erythritol and Stevia extract combined. Is that okay, since it is mixing Stevia with a good sugar alcohol?
2. Are there any enzyme supplements that you know of that would have lactase, sucrase, and maltase enzymes that would help with digestion?
3. Somebody posted that salad dressings are low in FP levels. I notice that most have Xanthan gum, but of course do not say how much. Do you have any idea how much a serving of say ranch or blue cheese would have? I definitely need it with my salads.

Thanks again!