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I said I would post back after a couple of weeks and let you know how I am getting on and I am pleased to say things have improved.

I have gone from eating very little and after eating even small meals feeling horrible chest bloating and pressure and loads of burping with the secondary symptoms of being tired, anxious and not sleeping well.

In a few short weeks I can now eat a full plate of food including some protein with only a small amount of discomfort/burping and have the energy to do light exercise.

It has been down to two things:

1) taking in lots of nutrients, through plenty of veggies, fruit and supplements with some proteins and fats.

2) healing and powering up my digestion

Ok no 1) I have focused on lots of cooked veggies and FP friendly fruit and also small amounts of good quality protein and fats. Also I have been very regimented on taking supplements including:

magnesium – especially helped with anxiety and stopped any constipation – (tablets and also epsom salts foot baths)
vitamin C, B vitamins, fish oil, vitamin D & E & general multivitamins
Lots of water, sometimes I take it with sea salt as the sodium apparently works with the magnesium

No 2) The following has helped me to absorb all those vitamins & minerals:

Bone broth – I have been having at least one cup a day of chicken bone broth to heal my gut.
L-glutamine – this has been the most recent addition and it has had great effects within a few days. I take it on an empty stomach.
Digestive enzymes – I have been taking these with each meal, I noticed a small improvement from the first dose, it worked better when I added…
Betaine HCl – I tried this a few months ago and it gave me horrible reflux, now my gut is more healed it is working much better
Ginger – I have drunk a lot of ginger tea and added it to my food.
Iberogast – seems to help after eating a meal
DGL – this also seems to help after a meal
Mastic Gum – I take this at night before bed, seems to have helped reduce the gas

Relaxation has also helped, meditation and light exercise too. I also find that diaphragmatic breathing helps to move the stomach into the right place. Yoga and stretching backwards/ twisting my upper body seems to help too. Also massaging the stomach etc helps to keep things moving.

I can’t say what has been the best but I noticed a big improvement after a couple of days taking the l-glutamine which then enabled me to start taking the HCl again.

Thanks to anybody who posted on this thread to give me suggestions and I hope this info helps other folks who might be struggling with this condition. Feel free to ask any questions.