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Hello, Norm! Thank you so much for continuing the research on this topic. I have Ulcerative Colitis, another Inflammatory Bowel Disease, but didn’t see a section on your forum to post for this topic, so I am linking it in with Crohn’s.

I had been following Elaine Gotschall’s recommended Specific Carbohydrate Diet until I read your book. I am now making changes to eliminate the high FP foods that she included. I would really like to include the foods that you say are safe, but have some questions about how to add them without aggravating my condition. When I am having a flare, I experience cramping and bleeding, and so hesistate to include foods that the medical world says irritate the lining of my colon- like nuts, raw vegetables, and fruits with seeds in them. Would you advise altering the early weeks of the low-FP diet to omit these foods for people with a badly-damaged gut lining, or is your diet safe to jump into? How can I help to heal the raw lining of my colon, as I also try to starve out the bad bacteria?

Thank you for your help!