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Hi Norm,

I have a couple of questions about ingredients.

1) You list maple syrup as low in FP, so I assume its safe. But then you also list honey as low FP, and I thought that it wasn’t safe. All your recipes seem to use either dextrose – which I am wary of, because I have a gluten/grain sensitivity, or Splenda, which I have never been fond of – flavor-wise or chemical-wise. So could I use maple syrup (low FODMAP friendly, which is why I like it) as a safe substitute, in small amounts, in some of your recipes?

2) Also, I’m a little confused on the status of coconut milk. I have a dairy intolerance, and so I drink coconut milk in my morning coffee, and sometimes use it in recipes in place of dairy. I use the canned version (not the refrigerated carton version). Is it safe?

Thanks so much for your help. I’m excited to try out the diet. After a gluten- dairy- soy- free diet, then paleo, then FODMAPs, has only gotten me so far, I think this might be the missing piece!