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Hi anathahn,
You can eat all of the cheese that you want on the FT diet. Many cheeses have 0 carbs, and no FP. Also, you can make the cheesecake recipe that Norm lists in the Fast Tract Diet Heartburn book, only 5 FP per serving. Add the whipped heavy cream for additional calories with low FP. You can have salads with calories added with the addition of eggs and meat and cheese. Most dressings have a low FP and many calories. I use ranch dressing. You can enjoy a 1/2 cup serving of Breyers lactose free vanilla ice cream with only 5 FP. Also, you can have a glass of wine or light beer in the beginning stages, increasing the amount to two servings per day afterward. I’m not condoning the use of alcohol, but it can add calories. Good luck! I lost a few pounds at first, but that leveled off and I gained weight back as my body adjusted.