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Hi Jaeme!I’m about to embark in the Essentia/Steam approach myself. I’m wondering if you’ve seen any perceived results from this strategy? Conceivably it should work, so long as the water retains it’s high PH. I emailed Essentia and they said boiling the water shouldn’t change the PH. From what I’ve read, Pepsin is eliminated “on contact” with PH higher than 8.8. So I’m hopeful any embedded Pepsin can be quickly eliminated in the larnyx, vocal cords, nasal passages/sinuses, lungs and eustachian tubes. I’m surprised I haven’t read about others trying this. Though I suppose the whole Pepsin/LPR link is relatively recent. I’ll keep you posted on how I feel it’s working.

On another front, the Reza-Band looks very promising! It just so happens that my NYC ENT, Dr Stacy Silvers, was part of the trial to test effectiveness. I just found this out and have an appointment with her next week. She’s quoted in an article saying the device was so effective that her patients are trying to construct homemade versions and were able to totally get off medication. (Apparently they took the devices back after the trial was over.) I emailed the company and they said they hope to have the product on the market by the end of the year. I’ll keep you posted on what Dr. Silvers says. Here’s the website to the device: