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Hi dfurny – best tip Norm has given is make sure to chew food until almost liquid to make use of enzymes in saliva. This adds quite a bit if time to meals, but well worth it (45 min. per meal), and wait to end of meal to drink so not using drink to liquify food.

Besides that, FTD and enzymes (Acid Ease- starches are my issue), other things that have helped me are DGL (Natural Factor brand uses only dextrose)/Gastazyme (Standard Process)/marshmallow root (these three at beginning to heal atomach, done with them now), probiotics (make sure delayed release/enteric coated), kefir, fermented foods, and once stomach healed, Bet. HCL. (Zypan by Standard Process).

Blood testing showed I was low in Vit. D & zinc (low levels can contribute to stomach issues), and supplements of those have helped (doctor monitored).

I also take magnesium citrate to keep things moving (300 mg. tablet at night).

Hope that helps! Everyone’s gut flora is different, and it takes a while of trial & error to figure it out. Hang in there, everyone on this forum is pulling for you 🙂