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The tablets work, but I recently ordered the Gaviscon Advance liquid from the UK. It is very effective, lots of alginate, and feels soothing going down. I have non-acid reflux, not much at all, but enough to irritate the throat at times. If it is bile reflux, that is supposed to be very damaging. The Gaviscon is supposed to not only form a raft, but cling to and neutralize the reflux. Overall, I feel so much better. I do not get heartburn anymore. I am able to get a much wider variety of foods, too. I am careful to take medication and vitamin supplements outside of a couple hour time span of taking the Gaviscon as it can affect the absorption. Also, food and water break the raft apart, so I keep that in mind. I do not need it all the time, but the Gaviscon Advance is great to have as my “rescue medicine”.