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Forgot to include probiotics above as well.

Can’t remember where I read about protease, but Norm agreed when I posted about it on a previous forum thread. I tried a broad-spectrum enzyme supplement including protease early in the program and had stomach pain. Switched to the no protease version above and no pain.

Have not read about the mucilaginous plants causing issues, only coating & soothing (except for possibly IBS-specific issues). The Acid Ease has very small amounts, and I have been taking extra marshmallow root with no problems. I was taking DGL, but dropped it after initial improvement due to possible cortisol level increase.

When I felt good enough to add the Bet. HCL (Zypan by Standard Process) I started with one a day at my heaviest protein meal, then one per meal. Began doing really well after that- started adding in “no-no” foods, like pizza, and no issues so far (again, keeping in small potions).