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I’ve had really good results from an enzyme product labeled for “sensitive stomachs” called Acid Ease by Enzymatic Therapy (do not confuse with antacids by same name). It has only amylase, lipase, & cellulase for enzymes (no protease, which is very hard on inflamed stomach). It does contain some marshmallow root & slippery elm, which coat & soothe the stomach, and gamma-oryzanol from rice which also heals. I have healed so well I was able to add a Betaine HCL supplement and now have even eaten regular foods at restaurants lately when I didn’t have any of the above with me, and no symptoms. I am so pleased with the results of the FT diet and these digestive aids – 99% of my LPR symptoms have disappeared, I feel great and back to normal. I still stick to lower FP foods and keep higher FP foods to small portions, but a very livable life and so far no LPR.