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HI Norm,
At the beginning of April I started having a big problem with Asthma. After finding little relief with medicine, my doctor suggested that it might be a stomach problem. He was right, it turns out that I have GERD. I am a professional trumpet player, 57, and maybe from the heavy use of the muscles around the LES for almost 50 years this condition has developed. I started taking PPI with some success but could never really determine what foods were helping or hurting. The asthma got better, and except for a little tingling or short pain under my left shoulder blade, I don’t have any heartburn with or without PPI. However, I am having major problems with my sinuses, throat, and bronchial tubes. I had a sinus infection 21 days ago and had to take antibiotics for 5 days until it was gone. I stopped the PPI two weeks ago and started the Fast Track Diet. After two weeks I cannot claim that my symptoms have gotten any better. Is it much too early to abandon the diet and go back to PPI? I am concerned with coming down with another sinus infection despite the use of a good nose spray. I don’t have any problems at night. I was fascinated with your book and can’t imagine taking PPI for the rest of my life. Does the lack of heartburn mean that what is coming up is not stomach acid? I live in northern Germany and know of no Doctor who is aware of your books. Do you know anyone here who I could consult? Thankyou for taking your time.
Tom S.