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Hi AG,
I initially lost weight on the diet, but then I leveled off and managed to gain back the weight. I would suggest that you make the cheesecake recipe that is in the book. The whipped heavy cream with dextrose added offers lots of calories but low FP. Make sure to add dressing to your salads. I use ranch dressing. You can also enjoy the 1/2 cup serving of Breyer’s lactose-free ice cream. I could not find light cream, so used heavy in my coffee, very low FP, but lots of calories. Also, add cheese to your salads and eggs. Jasmine rice is a great addition to your diet. You can also use low FP varieties of potatoes. French baguettes are a good choice for calories and low FP. A glass or two of dry wine or light beer is allowed on the diet (initially, only one). Almonds and pecans are good in moderation. Good luck to you!