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Hi Saffy! So happy to hear you are doing so well! Thank you for the update and kind words, but thanks go to MChurch on this site for the Remeron suggestion. It started helping me the first night I took it, and I was greatly improved in just a week and a half. At 3 weeks I had put on most of my lost weight, as you said “felt like my old self”, and was virtually symptom free. Everyone commented on how much better I seemed, including the new doctor I had to switch to for the Remeron (previous Doc just kept suggesting Xanax & Ambien- boo!). New Doc actually suggested Remeron based on my situation before I said anything. At 6 weeks now, and I am even eating foods that were off the FT list and I need to cut back on food to avoid going overweight. I feel so good I worry about the time I get off of Remeron.

I think my success is a combo of the FT diet, probiotics, enzymes, and the Remeron- but I really turned the corner with the Remeron. I have not heard of Iberogast- what does it do?

Again, thank you for the good wishes and I send the same for your continued improvement!

Sincerely – Jaeme 🙂