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Hi Ronnie- since my triggers are starches, I use enzymes such as amylase & cellulase, and they really do help. I use a product called Acid Ease by Enzymatic (do not confuse with antacid products by same name). Acid Ease does not have protease, which is hard on inflamed stomachs. I have tried Beano before eating hummus & a few pita chips, and had no issues. I have learned to try one thing at a time so I can pinpoint what works, what causes problems, etc. Norm did post on here favorably a few months ago about different enzymes and what foods they address.

It has taken 6 months, but with the FT diet, help from a nutritionist & some supplements, lots of kefir, and one mainstream medicine I am virtually LPR-free and adding back foods like pizza and chocolate (had my first two squares of pizza this week since January- heaven!)