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what you are saying makes sense Mickey.

Reducing fibre would affect the FP calculation directly, but it does depend on how the values given on a packet or nutrition site calculate the fibre – do they include the peel/skins in their calculation – I don’t know or know how you would find out.

re nut butters the GI’s for nuts and their butters appear very similar- so may be about any added ingredients (sugar, oil) where there is a difference?

intrigued by this thread, as am (geek-ily) getting into the idea of different starches and how they behave, but also want to bake and concerned about relying on almond flour alone for this. Came across this, which is interesting – though they are coming from the perspective of amylose is great it lowers GI!

interested also in hearing (more experienced, ‘cos I have just started this) people’s thoughts and experiences with ‘waxy’ maize and barley? – especially if you have used the flours.