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Hi Norm! I just read your Fast Tract IBS. Awesome! I have yet to fully implement it for myself, but have been using some of the guidelines for my daughter (17) who I think struggles with Fructose Malabsorption and likely SIBO. We live in Norway, have gone through some of the basic blood tests to rule out UC, Chrohns etc, but are now on a waiting list for a pediactric gastro specialist. Love waiting! Anyways, we have a few Q’s since we don’t have the same food products on our shelves here. One is, the FP for rice cakes (the crispy flavorless disks) is moderate you say. 28g=3 rice cakes, but is there a difference if the rice cake is made with brown rice vs white? How do we know if the rice used to make them are high in amylose or amylopectin? We have different manufactures. And, what about rice noodles, like in the Asian food stores? I don’t know what type of rice they are made of, and they certainly don’t specify. Good news, jasmine rice has been a huge success! There are so few foods she can eat, even though the list is growing month by month as we add/try new foods. Nice to have some carbohydrates in the diet 🙂