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Recently started the Fast Tract Diet and am interested in the association between GERD, SIBO and asthma. Bit of background first: I’ve had GERD for about 6 years. About a year ago I developed severe symptoms inc headache, fever, severe upper abdominal pain, cold-like symptoms of runny nose, fatigue, a general lack of stamina and poor digestion. More recently I developed shortness of breath, what i suspect to be asthma – hence the post. Keep in mind that I’m 40 and very fit. I do brazilian jiu jitsu, cardio and strength training. Underwent numerous tests for bacterial infection and eventually a colonoscopy and gastroscopy late last year. This procedure revealed a hiatus hernia and barrett’s mucosa. I was prescibed strong PPI and sucralfate tablets both of which had marginal results in reducing my symptoms. By the way i dont have stomuch ulcers.
Before I discovered this diet I played around with my eating habits considerably, mostly with confusing and mixed results. For example, I could eat white bread but had severe gut pain after a banana and porridge (oatmeal). Anyway, I have been on the diet for a few days and it has helped a great deal. I went as far as taking myself off the medication and generally feel okay. However, I did my first workout in two weeks today and the shortness of breath returned in addition to some abdominal pain and a headache.
My questions to anyone who may know is – if this is asthma, and it is caused by SIBO will the symptoms (affliction) disappear if i continue the diet. Is vigorous exercise okay with this SIBO related (shortness of breath) condition? Basically, will my immune system improve?
If no one has any thoughts on the matter that’s okay, as I’ll continue with the diet and the exercise, and see what happens. I’m interested in the experiment and will post the result.