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Hi CMCUK- Hang it there, LPR usually takes a lot longer, as the throat tissues are much more sensitive (especially if they have been overused like those of us who use our voices for a living). I was like you – thought it was sinus drainage/allergies for years. Doctors just kept prescribing nasal sprays and decongestants, etc. Finally had a scope run through my sinuses & larynx, and was diagnosed with LPR. Was put on the “traditional” way of treating LPR (PPIs & high carb/low acid diet, which made it 10x worse). It was so bad I thought I would lose my job, as the inflammation was so bad I was losing my voice.

Found the FTD approach & this forum, and improved within the first week. It all made sense, as I can trace the beginning of LPR to a heavy dose of antibiotics I was given during a case of the H1N1 flu & bronchitis – so a diet high in whole grains & SIBO = perfect storm for LPR. While on the FTD I had a self-inflicted problem when I did not eat the rice (so virtually no carb & went into ketosis). I am doing quite well now, though. Have a few flare ups, but can usually trace it to overuse at work, not drinking enough water, high pollen days, or pushing the limit on the FP points. I do take a few supplements like marshmallow root, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. I drink a lot of kefir and eat fermented foods like kimchi. One thing that helped at the beginning was DGL tablets (really coated the stomach & throat). Several people on here have suggested Carafate to coat the throat, but make sure your doctor prescribes the liquid, not the tablets (mine gave me tablets, which only help the stomach, so a wasted Rx).

The most helpful thing of all has been this forum – we are all in this together! 🙂