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Firstly hello, and thank you for all your posts reading through them is very helpful to me.
I have had a sore throat for about 20 years (the gastroenterologist I saw did not believe me but its true!). It has gradually got worse over the years with sinusitis and now a cough – I assumed allergies and all the swimming I love. When it turned to GERD I realised more about the origins of it, but also on reading that I did not want long term PPI’s.

I seem to have found my way here (FTD) quite quickly, but am still adjusting to the diet and to looking after my digestion so it is lovely to find people who understand.

My question is how long did/does the FTD take to show effects? I have done just over two weeks and heard that that leads to dramatic improvements if its just GERD. But overall my GERD was low key (it does seem less), but my throat continues and is very variable. I am trying to work out if this is just because it has been inflamed for so long, or if the reflux is still going on.

In doing the FTD, I am managing to stay under 40, but am not really managing much lower. I have to cook for a vegan family (but I now follow FTD by eating meat and dairy and so have to prepare two different meals) and shop for two sets of food too. I am frankly finding it a bit tricky, but know I will get used to it.
What would be lovely is to hear that it is slower with LPR (I hope) and so to reinforce the need for me to be patient, but also to hear about what has helped you.

BTW, I use my voice all the time as I teach self management in health.

Thanks to you all and to Norm for working all this out.