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Now it’s my turn to be discouraged: I’ve been under 30 FP/day for over 4 weeks, and my improvement has been inconsistent, just like before FTD. But I’ve also lost more weight that I couldn’t afford to lose, because I just can’t get enough carbs. I’ve tried, but can’t tolerate melon, glucose, Jasmine rice, or anything but certain vegetables. Parsnips and rutabagas aren’t very available at this time of year, and I can’t eat them exclusively anyway. I did some calculations again, and determined that with vegetables alone, I can’t get over about 50 g/day of carbs, while staying under 30 FP.

I’m hungry a lot, which makes me crave fat & salt when I finish my ration of vegetables. I’ll actually eat fat out of the jar, and like it. I think that excess is also affecting me.

At this point, I think I need to either put FTD on hold and just try to gain weight, or eat some of the foods that don’t agree with me, hoping that FTD will help those intolerances.