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can’t say this si coming from any place of expertise and have only just ordered broad spectrum enzymes, but was reading something talking about using proteolytic enzymes for biofilm ([I hope its Ok to post another website on the forum – I have not posted before] and if I remember right they said to take them AWAY from food.
In terms of SIBO, if you have biofilm in addition to imbalanced flora (and indeed presumably protecting the unhelpful bacteria), then the effects of the enzymes used in this way might relate to the difference you are finding, as I also understand that a large proportion of faeces is bacterial and the enzymes may then be disrupting the biofilm?

Just a few thoughts from someone who is no expert
(and is alo still struggling with the constipation herself and interested to hear others reactions to my (tentative) thoughts).
ps very pleased to hear about the beets (which I had assumed were out), as raw beets has been a staple fro my longstanding sluggish bowels…