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I’ve been making a kind of improvised chocolate cake using avacados, almond flour, vanilla essence, some dates (and/or splenda to sweeten), a bit of cream and coconut oil. Obviously chocolate powder is quite fiber-y, so use as much or little as you want. I didn’t find I needed much of Green and Blacks from here in the UK. Also, I used quite a lot of pre-melted coconut oil, so it goes hard in the fridge. I suppose you could add more nuts if you are able to take them.
I just played with the proportions (I like to improvise), but I guess the avacados need to form the basis for the blend. I’m guessing you could also use Pumpkin too. I them blended it all up into what tastes and looks like a cake mixture, adding things as I go and then you can portion it out and put it in the fridge.
Nice cold with cream on x