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Hi, I have a question regarding the the calculation of fp and hoping Norm or one of the very knowledgable posters here can help me. I have a high fibre powder containing psyllium husks, inulin, digestive enzymes and other herby things that I have found relieves a lot of the pain that I get. I know fibre and particularly inulin are going to remain completely un digested thereby causing gas to be produced but I would like to resume using it when I need to so decided to do the fp calculation and incorporate in my daily allowance from time to time as required.
I assumed gi to =0 the container states that carbohydrate = trace and fibre 4.4 gms per 5g serve.
Would nc be 4.4 and df be 4.4 or would nc be 0 and df be 4.4 ?
Ie would fp for this product be 4.4 or 8.8.
Sorry if this is a silly question but just not sure of the definition of net carbs.
Many thanks