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Jaeme thankyou for the further info on rameron. It does sound good. Wow! 30 lbs is a lot of weight. I have lost 13 lbs but I was quite slim to start with and now am literally just skin and bones and it is causing me a lot of anxiety. had lost a lot prior to starting ft when I was still eating higher carb so not due to ketosis. The Zoloft is definitely increasing my appetite and this morning had to get up at 3 am and get something to eat. Had bowl of rice bubbles with water fp 7 I calculate. Still hungry when I woke this morning and even after another bowl of rice bubbles a slice of cheese and small slice of bacon I’m still hungry! Think I will be going over my fp limit today!
Thanks also for commenting on monolaurin. Yes you would be getting a fair bit. I try to eat coconut oil but it doesn’t’ seem to agree with me so that’s why I’m nervous to try the lauricidin. I am also have trouble if I eat much fat so it’s so hard to get enough calories. My doctors tells me that I have to just eat and ignore the symptoms for a bit. Much easier said than done!!
I really appreciate your reply. It’s so good to be able to communicate with people going/having gone through the same ordeal. Hope I can get some relief soon. Kind regards