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Saffy- Remeron is a unique creature, as it has different effects at different strengths. Originally prescribed as an antidepressant, but the lower the dose the more it acts like an antihistamine (so more effect on sleep, etc.) It is now prescribed “off label” for other conditions than depression. My Dr. started me at 15mg, but I was very drowsy the next day until 3pm. I cut the dose to 7.5mg (another forum member had success with that) which has been perfect for me. Good sleep, no drowsy next day, LPR improved. It can cause constipation, but I take Magnesium Citrate for that due to the FT diet anyway.

Yes, I am still on the FT diet. It greatly improved my LPR, but I originally erred by not eating any of the white carbs and went into ketosis and lost 30 lbs. & 3 bra sizes in a month (TMI, sorry). It was a big struggle to get out of ketosis, but had to up my FP points to get enough carbs to start putting on weght. So my LPR flared up again (not as bad as before FT). That’s dhere the Remeron had been a big help so far.