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Hello robray thankyou so much for your reply. Glad to hear that you have worked out the problem with the bone broth.
Yes I do get relief from my symptoms at times briefly and like you it does get worse as the day goes on. I seem to cycle between reflux and regurgitation, then indigestion and pain in oesophugus then times of high anxiety when I get very restless and agitated which I realise is not conducive to good digestion!
And I can eat certain things ok such as lean meat, small amount of cheese, jasmine rice and some low fp vegies, strawbs and cantaloupe but main concern at the moment is my weight loss which has been extreme. I need more food!
I have read about the elemental diet but I doubt that I could do it due to the ectopic heartbeats I get in response to certain foods.
Anyway thankyou once again for your kind response. Kind regards saffy