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Hello everybody, 7am here in Australia and I have another bad uncomfortable and mostly sleepless night. I am just feeling so desperate.
Started fast tract diet over a month ago and get some relief but only if the fp is below 20 or so per day. Too much carbohydrate and bloat, get reflux and some regurgitation of food.
In addition I am also having problem with fats. It’s a different sensation to my reaction to carbs. I get a very uncomfortable feeling like really bad indigestion and and very painful sensation at the bottom of my oesophugus. I also experience a pounding heart sensation and sometime even get a bit short of breath.
This has all lead to an extreme weight loss, sky high anxiety, and a feeling of total despair.
Have been to a couple of doctors who seem to think I’m just being neurotic. I have started on Zoloft(a type of ssri)Had gastroscopy which was all clear. Am about to have investigations into my gallbladder but I think I have both sibo and gallbladder issues. However apart from being a bit constipated my bowl motions ( sorry!)are ok…brown in colour and not fatty.
I have tried every remedy under the sun, betaine Hcl, digestive enzymes, ox bile and they all seem to make me feel worse.
To complicate matters even more I have started getting ectopic heart beats when I eat certain foods so am unable to tolerate bone broth, aged cheeses and avocado. ( seems a reaction to tyramine containing foods) I think probably caused by damaged gut lining.
Am very nervous about trying antibiotics, either the natural ones or riflixin as I don’t want to make matters any worse than they already are.
Sorry for the long post but I just am feeling so desperate I am hoping someone will have some advice for me as to how to deal with my predicament and find my way back to the life I was enjoying only six months ago.
Many thanks