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Thanks so much for your reply and well wishes. I appreciate your support so much.

You’re absolutely right, my parents are concerned about me getting enough calories. I will try to follow your suggestions of adding more things to my salads. Just curious, what kind of low-FP dressings do you use in salads?

Also, I wanted to ask about the cramping and constipation. You’re right, the cramping is probably caused by constipation. I have gotten my colon X-rayed twice and both times the doctor saw evidence of constipation. I try really hard to drink water to solve this, but even drinking 8-16 oz of water every hour doesn’t help. For a few hours after I eat, I usually have a sensation of bloating or fullness, and drinking water on top of that makes it feel worse. Do you have any advice about when/how often I should be drinking water? Should I drink during meals?

Thanks once again for your help and consideration. It really means a lot to me.