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After following the diet for 2-3 weeks, I finally have the book! And lots more questions…

All along, I’ve been calculating FPs myself from nutrition labels and information on the internet. Some of my results are different from the food lists, and I’m surprised to see that I have GIs for many vegetables where the book uses 50. I also have different amounts of carbs and fiber for some, which I would guess is dependent on cooking method. The food list doesn’t specify how vegetables are cooked, if at all.

I’ve gotten my GI info from:

Sometimes they disagree, and sometimes one has a food the others don’t. Norm, I wonder where you got yours, and whether some sources are less trustworthy than others?

I’ve been getting my carb & fiber information from packages, and from the internet for fresh veggies. But sometimes the information conflicts, cooking method isn’t specified, or a particular variety of vegetable isn’t available. Is there a definitive source for nutrition information?

The book warns against reheating starchy foods — including starchy vegetables, but the only ones specified are potatoes. Which vegetables are considered starchy, or how would I determine how starchy is over the limit?

When limiting the amount of FPs at a time, what is “at a time”? (If this is in the book, I haven’t found it yet.) I searched for how long it takes the stomach to empty, and found an average of 50% after 2 hours, and mostly after 4-5 hours. But when I eat a 7 FP meal, I often feel like my stomach is empty within an hour, and I go a little crazy waiting for more. At least I don’t seem to have gastroparesis…

My symptoms aren’t fully controlled yet, but I’ve improved and am optimistic!