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So I got some more info on my situation. I did a SECHAT test that checks bile re absorption. It turns out that I am not re absorbing my bile. It was a nuclear medicine test. The measurement said my re absorption was 14% and should be > 19%.

Just before I got those results I listened to a talk by Dr. Allison Siebecker about SIBO. She mentioned something interesting in her talk. She mentioned that SIBO can deconjugate bile acids and that the deconjugated bile acids are caustic and can cause gut damage.

This seems like a good theory on what’s going on in my gut. It seems to coincide with my experience of increasing bile acids by taking ox bile, enzymes, HCL, bitters and getting a sore gut. I think it also explains that why I get so much gas and bloating when I eat a high fat diet.

I am really interested in this idea. I did some googling and the idea is not new. There are lots of studies going back to the 70’s. It is tough to find any study where this problem existed and was resolved by treating SIBO.

Right now, my plan is to have a consultation with Dr. Siebecker and see what protocol she recommends for treating SIBO and preventing recurrence. My appointment is not until Aug 14, but I am not sure if I can wait that long before trying to kill the SIBO. My doc is willing to prescribe the antibiotic to kill the SIBO now if I am willing to take it. Not sure what I want to do. I would sure love to be rid of this problem.

Any experience or good info on the deconjugation of bile acids by SIBO? What do you think of this as a reason why fats cause us heartburn?