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Hi, I was diagnosed with a fungal/yeast overgrowth recently although not candida. My bacteria appear to be well balanced however my prevotella bacteria was super high and therefore I am suspicious that I have a prevotella overgrowth and fungal overgrowth potentially in my lower colon. My Sibo breath test came back negative. Yet the onset of symptoms was GERD and LPR attack if you will. The fast tract diet has helped a lot but there are some things that an antifungal diet will not allow such as jasmine rice, peanuts, cashews and other high mold nuts. In addition to anything fermented except for whole plain yogurt and “fresh cheese.” I haven’t been able to move beyond zero carbs really. I can eat some jasmine rice but then I worry that it is feeding the fungal growth. I guess if it gets absorbed immediately then it may not be a problem. But it tends to spike my blood sugar so I am staying away from it for now anyway.I am sticking to an extremely low fermentable carbs FT diet and excluding anything fermented or likely to have mold or high bacteria such as aged meats, aged cheeses, soy sauce, vinegar. Its extremely restrictive but as long as I don’t have LPR symptoms I am ok. I am also taking other measures to move on from this but they aren’t relevant to this discussion. Basically I eat chicken, yogurt, gelatin, fish and coconut oil and coconut milk and add a few spices- that’s it. I am not at the stage where I can eat any vegetables and that is why I think I may have a prevotella overgrowth in addition to a fungal/yeast overgrowth. I am hoping that lactose free cream cheese might work because it has low carbs, I think its a fresher cheese and any lactose that might be in it will either be removed or digested. Not sure what Norm thinks about this?