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The first thing I did to help maximize carbs is make a spreadsheet of foods. In addition to FPs, I calculated what I call the carb ratio: total carbs divided by FP. That tells me how many carbs I get, for each FP that it “costs” me. The highest carb ratios of foods I can eat are parsnips and rutabagas, so I try to eat one of those each day, the maximum amount that’s under 7 FP. It would be useful to calculate the carb ratio of your milk substitute and see if that’s giving you a good “return on investment”.

I plan what to eat, using the spreadsheet, so I can use most of the FP each day and maximize carbs. That means I either eat 4 small meals for a total under 28, or I can eat 3 meals of 7 FP plus snacks that total under 9. I think you said somewhere else that you eat a snack of dates & nuts, so hopefully that helps your carb count. Maybe some kind of nuts have a higher carb ratio than others?

You said you eat rice with dinner; why not for every meal? I can’t remember if it’s limited to 1/2 cup per meal or per day. You could blend it into your smoothie and add it to your salad like a garnish, or just eat it on the side. You could also add glucose at every meal, if you aren’t already.

I’m surprised you eat a smoothie OR eggs for breakfast; I would eat both and still might need more. When you eat eggs, you could have carbs along with that: if not the smoothie then fruit or veggies. Or maybe your milk substitute is close to 7 FP already.

Greens and probably most salad veggies have a low carb ratio, so maybe it would be helpful to include something with a higher carb ratio at lunch? Either replace a little of the greens with a little of something high-carb, or have less salad and add some high-carb veggies on the side? Dried fruit would be a nice garnish on a salad.

Another thing I do is eat as much fat as possible. It’s not carbs, but at least it provides more calories. I add a tablespoon or two of healthy fat to every vegetable or smoothie, and add plenty of fat when cooking meat. I eat fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, or sardines. I buy them with skin whenever possible and use the liquid in canned fish, either drink it or cook veggies in it.

I hope all that helps and isn’t too overwhelming all at once. I have lots of ideas for eating more variety, but I’ll write that post another time.