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Sorry it took me so long to reply. Yes, driving from Ohio would be a long way. I could give you some tips on how to find a holistic doctor, even within the conventional medical system that insurance pays for. Or maybe you need a break from that struggle, and just stick with the nutritionist. Constant change really wears you out, sometimes it’s better to rest where you are for awhile, even though you haven’t reached the goal. It always took me months to work up the stamina to try again with a new doc.

It sounds like your appetite problem is simply a matter of boredom? You could google for paleo/SCD/grain-free recipes to get ideas. Or if you want to tell me what foods you can eat and what you wish for, I could make suggestions. I’ve had to be pretty creative with all my food sensitivities. I can make “spaghetti”, various kinds of snack bars, everything-free pumpkin pie, mashed “potatoes”, lots of things.

I wish you were here, I would have you over for dinner! I’ll just have to pray for you from a distance.