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Norm Robillard
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Stick to the recommended amounts as per the book unless you continue to have symptoms. If you do, decide if you can get by with fewer overall carbs and FP = 20-25 g/day for one or two weeks to help you clear out excessive bacteria in the small intestine. I understand your desire for more carbs, but there is no reason I know of that you can’t retain adequate weight on a lower carb diet. The alternative is perpetuation of SIBO and symptoms. Once SIBO is under control, you can gradually increase low FP carbs.

The updated FTD Heartburn ebook should be online in a week or so. I don’t have timelines for the other books at this point but FTD Heartburn will come before FTD IBS, which has only been out a year and really requires only very minor updates. I will continue to post on FP changes that come up such as the dates, but I have no plans to put the tables on the web site.