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Norm Robillard
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Good discussion going on. Let me chyme (ha, ha) in if I may.
Yes, FTD can be a higher carb diet, but there is a caveat. Early on in the diet, when people may have rather advanced SIBO in the upper part of the small intestine, I recommend limiting even easy-to-digest carbs such as jasmine rice.

The reason is theoretical, but goes like this: In advanced SIBO, bacteria may be present in the same location where our small intestine is trying to complete digestion and absorption of simple sugars and low FP starches. These bacteria will have access to the carbs and compete with our own digestion potentially promoting continued bacterial overgrowth. This ideas is supported by the fact that the glucose breath test can actually detect SIBO in some people. Remember, glucose is supposed to have a GI of 100.

Once symptoms are under control, increasing carbs levels while keeping FP low is more practical but non the less, you’re experimenting and may need to cut back if symptoms emerge.

On the issue of dates, yes you have all heard correctly, the FP for dates has been increased as you will see in the upcoming printing of FTD IBS and FTD Heartburn and in the updated ebooks. The reason is that the GI of 103 assigned to dates in the original glycemic index database (that I used for FTD FP calculations) is likely wrong. Several laboratories have since tested dates for GI and the values are actually much lower – in the range of 30-50. The new FP is thus increased based on a GI of 42 to FP = 27 for a 2.1 ounce serving. Sorry about that, but that’s science for you. I just report the numbers. Dates are a high FP food!