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Norm Robillard
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If you know the exact ratio of amylose/amylopectin, you could assign amylopectin foods a GI = 98-100 and amylose foods as GI 0 (really more of a dietary fiber). When you don’t have the glycemic index, the best approach is to estimate the GI based on similar foods. Most foods that contain amylose usually have about 20-30 percent of their starch in this form, with the rest being amylopectin. The GI of these foods range from about 40 – 70 with lower GIs associated with more amylose. If I don’t know the amylose content of a starch, I just use something like 58 which is typical for amylose-containing rices. If you want to be the most conservative, you can always just count all the carbs as FP when you don’t have a GI, but in reality, the FPs would not be that high.