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Jaeme…another option to consider if you are reluctant to take medication (although Remeron does have a reasonably good safety profile) is something called CBT-I (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia). All medications, even more “natural” options like melatonin, have some degree of side effects, rebound insomnia when discontinued, etc. Most people don’t realize that sleep meds are intended only for short term use. CBT-I treats the causes of the sleep issues, not just the symptoms. However, it does take longer to “kick in” than meds, but if you use it effectively, the effects seen in randomized studies show that CBT-I produces lasting results. In essence, you learn skills needed to sleep, for example, managing the anticipatory anxiety that builds before you even get into bed, and therefore don’t have to take a pill forever. There’s lots of info on the web about CBT-I if you want to learn more. You can find a provider in your area by going to the website for the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine.