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Hi Jaeme, chin up. Perhaps the stress of travel got your system a bit upset. I would talk with your nutritionist who gave you so much hope. Seriously, if you are getting depressed get yourself some professional help before it gets worse. It is much harder to pull yourself out of depression if you fall too deeply. I got so anxious and depressed when I was diagnosed with acid reflux. The doctors kept telling me that Nexium was a great medicine. They told me that it was not working because I was upset. I changed my diet to utter blandness and still had no relief. The handful of people I knew with acid reflux told me they took generic OTC PPI’s and could eat anything. Of course I was upset. Long story short, my counselor put me on Lexapro 10, which a psychiatrist upped to the clinical dose of 20 mg. I felt much better emotionally within a couple of weeks. I do have some resentment that the doctors did not take my word for it and have me tested further. My persistence finally paid off in that I know I do not even have acid reflux. I’m pulling for you and wishing you the best!