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Jaeme, I am so sorry you are struggling. One thing I can tell you is that there is a breath test for H-pylori. The nurse told me about it when I had my second hydrogen breath test for SIBO. It is simple as you only have to breath twice into bags. My doctor checked for H-pylori when I had the EGD done, but it’s not the only way. Call around until you find a doctor that can offer you this test. There is specialized equipment that is used. I would think that you would have more luck with a doctor who is part of a huge hospital system. I did not have IBS diarrhea when I was diagnosed with SIBO. My symptoms were that I had LOTS of gas, LOTS of BM”S per day, like 8, and also one episode of diarrhea, usually around dinner time each day. There would be lots of white foamy substance in the toilet bowl, too. Everyone’s symptoms are different, so SIBO presents itself in many ways. Sorry if this is TMI!