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Hi folks – well, very depressed. I had bad LPR symptoms this week as I had to get off my eating schedule a bit due to work and travel. I had not ventured far at all from my FT diet, some of it was just to eat at a different time or quicker than normal.

So it seems, unless I eat the exact same thing every day, I have problems: Smoothie or eggs for breakfast, salad with meat & cheese for lunch, and meat with smaller salad, a few veggies, and Jasmine rice for dinner. Also, any extra physical activity and I lose weight again. I am very tired of carrying all my food around with me all day long, and then having it be the exact same thing each day (sort of like that old movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray). Worried about malnutrition and sheer boredom and becoming a recluse in my house. 🙁