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My gasgtro Doc does not want to give me the hydrogren breath test for SIBO, as he says it will not help me because I do not have IBS diarrhea. He also says there is no test for H. pylori except for a biopsy of the stomach during an endoscopy (even though there is the urea breath test). I have been arguing with his nurse that others with GERD/LPR/etc. are being tested for this due to Norm’s theory about the fermentation gases. Not sure how to get him on board, or how to find a Doc who would be willing.

Also, my ENT Doc did write a script for Carafate, but he wrote if for pills not liquid – argH! He kept saying he did not think Carafate would help me because I do not have an ulcer (again, not understanding the mechanism behind Norm’s theory and LPR). Well, yeah, Carafate won’t help my throat if it is taken in pill form. 🙁