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Hi Norm, it sounds like I have an unusual disease called Achalasia. It is rare, as it only affects 1 out of 200,000 people. For some reason, the nerves in the esophagus are damaged. The LES does not always open. It can cause heartburn symptoms. So, my symptoms were not caused by acid from the stomach, but fermentation of food and drink before it got through the LES. Treatment options include botox injections to the LES, effective but not permanent, only 3 months to 1 year relief. There is also a balloon stretching treatment that lasts 1 to 2 years or a surgery to cut an opening which is supposed to work well long term. I’ll need to speak further to my doctor about the best course of treatment. I did so well on Fast Tract Digestion for a while. Perhaps it was because I felt hope and was not stressing so much. My question was always why others I knew got relief from medication and I did not. Well, I finally have an answer and that feels good.