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Norm Robillard
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Kefir, coconut milk and a little cream does sound yummy Jaeme. Not sure about the connection between glutamate and sleep idea, but waking up in the middle of the night and not falling back asleep doesn’t sound fun. I will let you know if I come across anything.

Meanwhile if you’re eating too much meat and cheese, there are so many alternatives. I just finished updating the FP tables for second prints of both FTR Heartburn and FTD IBS. The updates will appear in the kindle versions soon as well. There are now 360 foods covered and 60 vegetables alone (not including starches). Of those 60 veggies, 55 have FP values of 7 grams or lower. While fruits are not quite as friendly (8 of 38 fruits are FP 6 or below), you can always have some of the higher FP fruit just don’t over due it on the serving size. The serving sizes of fruits in the table are rather large. Try weighing out a 4.2 ounce serving of berries and you will see what I mean. A two ounce serving more than cuts your FP in half. Also don’t forget about fish and seafood!