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Best wishes to both of you, MC & JI! Still pullin’ for ya!

I am glad to announce that I am doing rather well. Very little LPR, and I have been a bit looser with my FP points while I try to get my carb count up.

I am only on the supplements that my Nutritionist recommended, and drinking kefir (mixed with some carton coconut milk and a little cream – very yummy!) and I now added home-made lacto-fermented kimchi. I think this has helped tremendously, and when I eat it I have the sensation that my body really needs this (like wanting to ravenously eat it, but not because of the flavor, does that make sense? – I get a similar feeling with the kefir – both feel healing).

My main problem at this point is waking up in the middle of the night after only about 3 hours sleep and then not getting back to sleep, even though I am taking Magnesium citrate (I fall asleep quite well). I have been reading tha a diet high in glutimates can cause this, and the FT diet is very high in glutimates (meats & cheeses). Any one else having this problem?