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Hi JI- Sorry to hear you had no improvement from your 30 day challenge 🙁 I hope your tests reveal some answers. Seems these conditions we have are complete mysteries.

As for my update, I am doing well on the supplements except for the Multi-enzyme which may be too strong on Protease (supposed to be hard on irritated stomachs). I am checking on a product called Acid Ease, which is enzymes for sensitive stomachs and has no protease.

My LPR is mostly under control, and I am out of ketosis and putting a little weight on. Just trying to expand my FT menu, as I eat very similar foods each day and worry about enough nutrients. I have been fortunate with keeping constipation at bay by taking 200mg. tablet of magnesium citrate at bedtime, eating lots of greens, and drinking at least 2 quarts of water per day.